February 23, 2023

I really enjoyed this programme. It’s very practical and easy to understand. Plenty of helpful tips to apply to your own situation. It really got me thinking about my own childhood and how it’s important to nurture the little child within you as you manage your own child in front of you. It really gave me a different perspective on life with my HS toddler in terms of managing behaviours and how to approach them and how to practice my own self regulation in order to then co-regulate my child. This course was incredibly informative and has really helped change my parenting style for the better. So much food for thought in the videos and Aoife is very personable and incredibly kind, you feel like you’re being hugged and understood through the screen. I would recommend this course to all parents, really and truly, there is so much to take away from it and we can all benefit from being kinder in our approach not only to our children but to ourselves too. Thank you Aoife for creating such a wonderful resource.

February 5, 2023

We recently completed Dr. Aoife’s Empowered Parents program and we have got so much from it. We have two children in primary school, one who is very sensitive, and it has helped us as parents hugely. We now understand why we find certain things challenging (this was especially helpful for my husband) and Aoife helped us learn how we can work on all of this. Thank you so much Aoife and we will definitely be doing other courses with you in the future.

February 3, 2023

We recently completed Aoife’s Empowered Parents programme and we are delighted we did. We have a very sensitive toddler and the programme really helped us to further our understanding of children’s brain development and how best to respond to our child’s needs whilst also maintaining our own regulation too! Aoife’s course was easy to access and follow and the fact we could complete it in our own time was very convenient. Thank you Aoife!

January 26, 2023

I just recently participated in Dr Aoife’s Empowered Parents course. As a parent of small children, it helped me to understand how my own children see the world and internalise, attachment styles was a huge eye opener, understanding the stress response & regulation, & how our own history impacts our parenting. It would be amazing for all parents to have the opportunity to do this to support us with our parenting. The content is so inciteful, and easy to listen too. What sets it apart too is Aoife’s realness and compassion, personally, It has really helped me see that I am normal & human. 🙂 She really highlights the importance of self compassion for throughout as self reflection is required. I am personally really glad I did this course & appreciated her doing q&a too.

January 25, 2023

Aoife has a great approach, balancing evidence based information with specific examples drawn from her personal and clinical experience. A lot of her examples eerily resonated with us as we negotiate life with a couple of toddlers. The balance of self reflection on your personal triggers and beliefs, with authoritative information on what the child is experiencing gave us more confidence in agreeing on parenting approaches. It was so well worth doing.