Supporting parents of highly sensitive children

Supporting parents of highly sensitive children

As a parent of a highly sensitive child, it can be hard to know how to respond to your child’s big feelings and emotions. You might feel triggered or frustrated by your child when they get upset. Sometimes the stress of it all can be overwhelming. Even though you know you’re doing your best, it’s easy to be hard on yourself and put your own needs last.

Does this sound familiar to you?

You don’t have to do this alone. I’ve created a brand new workshop with everything you need to support you as a parent of a highly sensitive child.

It’s pre-recorded, so you can keep and watch whenever you need it.

This new workshop will:

♥️ help you to understand sensitivity and how to support your highly sensitive child.

♥️ explore why some behaviours are so triggering and how best to handle these situations.

♥️ support you as a parent to feel more confident in your parenting

♥️ help you manage that critical voice we all have, and be much more compassionate to yourself

♥️ give you the tools you need to manage stress and the sensory overwhelm that comes with parenting small children

♥️ help you manage meltdowns, worries, separation anxiety and other big feelings

♥️ teach you how to manage boundaries with your child and the people around you, and how to communicate your needs in your relationships

Available now for €47