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I have been running parent support groups over the last few weeks and it has been such a great way of connecting with so many lovely people, while also providing psychological support for any worries or concerns you may have had.

It became clear that many of you are also looking to link in with each other so I have created The Highly Sensitive Tribe as a space for you to connect.

You will be able to chat to each other online and provide support to one another in a secure environment. Being a parent can feel really lonely sometimes, the research shows that having other like minded people that we can open up to can help significantly. Finding others who understand what we are going through helps us feel more validated and less alone.

I will run a weekly online zoom where you can come and connect in with each other and I will help support you through any challenges you might be experiencing. 

I will also input exclusive videos and content to help you through specific difficulties you may be experiencing. This content will be much more in depth then I have been able to provide on Instagram. 

For example; understanding sensitivity, attachment, how to manage boundaries, learning self regulation skills, the importance of understanding our nervous system and how to complete the stress cycle, understanding our triggers and why parenting can feel so hard sometimes and lots more. I will tailor these videos depending on what you need.

This community is for you if are a Highly Sensitive Parent or if you have a Highly Sensitive Child!  High Sensitivity is a real superpower, and it can also be hard sometimes. Once we understand our sensitivity and know how to help ourselves it can dramatically change how we feel. 

This is a subscription service that costs €30 a month and you can cancel at anytime.

Hope to see you soon!

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