Big Feelings and Me

Coping skills group for children age 10-12

Emotion regulation groups for teenagers

We all feel overwhelmed by our feelings from time to time and especially as children because we don’t have the life experience and understanding to process the swirl of emotions that are going on inside us. Emotions are often not well understood, we generally do not learn a lot about them in school and yet they have such a huge impact on our quality of life, our relationships, and our behaviours.

Emotions provide us with important information about the world outside of ourselves, our relationships with other people, and our internal states. We couldn’t survive without them! If we try and push them away or squash them, the results are rarely good. Just like Pixar’s movie Inside Out, while Joy is always embraced, Sadness is often dismissed or ignored. We typically try and minimize the expression of what we believe are “negative” emotions. When in actual fact there are no negative emotions! It is so normal to feel sad, and learning how to express that sadness is so important. That goes for us adults too!

Goal: The goal of this program is to help your child learn how to manage their emotions by learning how to acknowledge and validate their feelings. They will learn to accept and process their emotions rather than bottling them up, leading to more emotional awareness. Your child will learn skills on how to tune into their needs and how to communicate their needs more effectively and develop their self compassion.

Treatment: The methodology used is an integrative approach used to help children who are struggling with Big Feelings. Whether that’s difficulty with feelings of anxiety, shame, difficulty with anger and frustration, for those children you might describe as quiet and sensitive or those children who might experience daily ups and downs in their feelings.

Duration: This is an 8 session programme, children attend for 6 sessions. There are 2 parent/caregiver sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end. The goal of this training is to help you build skills to support your child’s emotional development. Parents/ caregivers will learn skills to enhance their own emotion regulation/ coping skills while supporting their child. Workshops will help parents learn how to support their child while creating and maintaining a secure attachment relationship with them. This will all be done in a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting.

Venue: TBC

Cost: €800 (8 sessions @ €100 per session)

Groups will be kept small at 6-8 children per group.